Climate economics, not carbon accounting

ESG scores and carbon intensities aren’t the same as financial risk.

Company A

Oil and Gas Drilling Software Ltd

  • Low carbon emissions
  • Great ESG score
  • High transition risk — core industry is in decline
Company B

Nickel Mining Plc

  • High carbon emissions
  • Poor ESG Score
  • Low transition risknickel needed for batteries and windfarms
Company C

Silica Industries Inc

  • High carbon emissions
  • Mixed ESG Score
  • Low transition risksand needed for flood and wildfire adaptation

Powered by AI — Dovetail’s Model T

  • Dovetail’s founders led the climate data team at Palantir Technologies. Dovetail analytics draw on that big data engineering and AI development expertise
  • Dovetail’s backend is model T — a universal climate transition model for financial assets
  • Model T uses a multi-factor algorithmic + AI approach to turn climate economics into financial intelligence, driven by high capacity cloud compute (not Excel)